Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Inga Saffron

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Inga Saffron is the Architecture critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Latest post: Gardening the City - 10/17/2013
Usually when neighbors and developers lock horns over a project design, things turn ugly and stay ugly. There's a happier ending for One Riverside, a high-rise that Carl Dranoff plans to build on the Schuylkill next to the popular riverfront trail.
Designers aim for a more beautiful bike rack
Caring for plants through the spring frost
It's LOVE Park, not $$$$ Park
The U-shaped steel bike rack is surely the unsung workhorse of urban street furniture. U racks - more accurately, upside-down U's - are so plain, so recessive, you don't really see them until you need one. (And then, invariably, they're full.) U racks are cheap. Their streamlined form takes up very little space. Except in extreme circumstances, they're also indestructible. All that makes them a nearly perfect design.
Garages would block off bank of Schuylkill
Spring cleaning: 9 products to get your office super-organized
Gratifying tale of 2 historic gems preserved

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