Scout's honor: Madonna gives GLAAD merit badge to Anderson Cooper

WHO CAN RESIST a woman in uniform?

Probably a lot of people when that woman is Madonna and the uniform she's wearing belongs to the Boy Scouts, for whom there is no "Express Yourself" merit badge.

Madonna, of course, is trying to change that, so she dressed in a uni and called on the Boy Scouts to lift its ban on gays, while also calling for a "revolution" to prevent discrimination and abuse of the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual community.

Speaking Saturday night at the GLAAD Media Awards, Madonna joked that she wanted to become a part of the Boy Scouts herself, but was turned down, even though she had the qualifications.

"I can build a fire. I know how to pitch a tent," she said. "I can rescue kittens from trees. . . . Most importantly, I know how to scout for boys.

"I think they should change their stupid rules."

Madonna was on hand to give the Vito Russo Award to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, whom she lauded for standing up for the rights of others.

Also honored by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation was the NBC musical series "Smash," the documentary "How To Survive a Plague" and "The Amazing Race."

Filmmaker Brett Ratner also was given the Ally Award - a turnaround from 2011, when the organization condemned him for using an anti-gay slur, and he stepped down from a plan to direct the 2012 Academy Awards in the ensuing controversy.

Since then, Ratner has worked with GLAAD and made a public-service announcement to promote equality.



* An anonymous Israeli government official says that Barbra Streisand is going to Jerusalem to perform in honor of Israeli President Shimon Peres' 90th birthday.

The official says that Streisand's appearance will coincide with a yearly speaker's conference headed by the Israeli president. This year's conference takes place June 18-20.

President Peres told reporters five years ago that Streisand was set to perform at that year's presidential conference, but she didn't show up.

She was stuck with Nicki Minaj on the L.A. freeway.

* Actor Tom Sizemore, who went to Temple, was attacked in his L.A. home last week and had a number of items stolen.

The alleged attacker was arrested and turned out to be the boyfriend of a woman Sizemore was dating.

In fact, she was with him at the time of the attack.

* Don't worry, Harry Potter film fans, Hermione (a/k/a Emma Watson) has taken to Twitter to squelch the rumor that she'll be starring in the movie version of "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Thank goodness, or a lot of kids were going to need a lot of therapy.

* Rapper Redfoo, of LMFAO, and "Heroes" actor Sendhil Ramamurthy have entered the U.S. Open national playoffs in their bids to earn berths in the final Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year.

Redfoo will play under his real name, Stefan Gordy, in both singles and mixed doubles with 17-year-old Ayaka Okuno, whom he is currently coaching.

"It's always been a dream of mine to play professional tennis," Redfoo said.

Ramamurthy was a competitive junior player in Texas who considered turning pro.

David Hasselhoff has put his name behind a campaign to preserve one of the few remaining sections of the Berlin Wall. On Sunday, the Hoff called it a "sacred" monument as Berliners cheered, fondly remembering his schmaltzy hit "Looking for Freedom" as one of the soundtracks to their peaceful 1989 revolution.

The Hoff, who is to Germany what Jerry Lewis is to France, joined Germans in protesting a real-estate developer's plans to move part of the wall to make way for an access path for a luxury housing development.

Activists have denounced the move as part of a wider trend of steamrolling Berlin's tumultuous history to make way for gleaming but soulless developments in the heart of the city.

Here we try to do that in the suburbs.

* "Oz the Great and Powerful" led all films for the second week in a row, taking in $42.2 million, according to studio estimates Sunday. Sam Raimi's prequel to the L. Frank Baum classic "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" also took in $46.6 million overseas, leading to a two-week worldwide total of $281.8 million.

That makes "Oz" easily the biggest hit of 2013 so far.

Thanks to big coverage in Friday's Daily News, the Halle Berry thriller "The Call" far exceeded expectations with a $17.1 million opening.

The Steve Carell magician comedy, "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," fared worse, opening with $10.3 million.

It will soon disappear from theaters.

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