Tattle: Beeb accuser drops her suit


Jeffrey Leving, the lawyer for Justin Bieber-accusing baby-mama (and possible statutory rapist) Mariah Yeater, says his client has withdrawn her paternity suit against the diminutive pop star.

Both camps are trying to address the matter out of court - or at least that's what one of the camps wants everyone to think.

Bieber reps say Justin still plans to submit to a paternity test.

(He needs the street cred.)

Yeater claims she had just turned 19 when she and Bieber, then 16, had a brief sexual encounter after one of his concerts last fall at L.A.'s Staples Center.

The Beebs says he's never met Yeater and thus denies allegations that he fathered her son, who was born in July.


No-Lindsay Lohan update

Playboy model Lindsay Lohan's estranged and oh-so-strange father, Michael, will serve a four-month stint in a treatment facility in Fort Myers, Fla., and will participate in a domestic-violence-intervention program as part of a plea deal in Tampa.

Michael, 51, pleaded no contest to domestic-violence charges and must not contact ex-girlfriend Kate Major, 29, a former reporter for Star Magazine whom he was accused of battering in October.

Michael told Judge Nick Nazaretian that he wanted nothing to do with Major.

"My hand has been bit too many times," he said, nattily attired in a red Hillsborough County Jail outfit.

Major told the court that Michael would benefit from a treatment program and not jail.

"I think he needs help," she said. "Keeping him in jail would be hurting him more."

At one point, Lohan made a face when Major was speaking and the judge reprimanded him sharply.

"It's not Disney World, so stop," said the judge. "How old are you? Don't act like a child."



* Comedy Central says "South Park" co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have signed to extend the animated series an additional three seasons, through its 20th season in 2016.

The network said yesterday that Parker and Stone will continue to write, direct and edit every episode of "South Park," just as they have since the premiere of the series in 1997.

* Fox Television Studios has a  

Casey Anthony movie in the works.


Ricky Gervais will again host the Golden Globes.

They really missed a golden opportunity to pick Eddie Murphy.

Fat Joe? Not so fat.

Billboard.com reports that the heavyweight rapper has lost about 100 pounds off his high in the mid-400s.

"I think I weighed about 450, 460 at my heaviest," he said. "[I thought], I'm rich now, I can go to Mr. Chow's and eat me all the lobster and steak I want. . . . And I always took pride in being fat; that's why my name was Fat Joe."

Fat Joe first thought about becoming Less Fat Joe in 2000 when Big Pun died of a heart attack. In the past year, he told CNN, six of his fat friends died of heart attacks.

"I realized at a certain point, all my big people were dying," he said.

He's since hit the gym and changed his eating habits, eating healthier foods and smaller portions more frequently. The weight loss has led to other health benefits, as well.

"I was diabetic for 16 years," he revealed. "Being that I lost weight, no more diabetes."

"So when people bring me chicken/I don't eat the whole basket/Don't wanna be lying in an extra-large casket/Forget about my salaries/It's all about the calories/Please don't pass me another piece of pie/It's just 'Me, Myself and a Smaller I.' "

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