Junior's debts are making things hard on Senior


DEAR HARRY: I'm having all sorts of credit problems. It all started with my son moving back here from California. He is not stable financially, and is now in hock over his ears. This affects me because we have the same name except for his "Jr."

This week, I got some nasty calls - almost threatening - from a debt collector looking for him. My credit score has dropped by 80 points in six months. I have contacted the big three reporting bureaus and got apologies, but no change in my report. "We will investigate" is the best I can get. There has to be some way I can clear this up. Help!

WHAT HARRY SAYS: We are decades too late for a quick fix. That Junior designation has gotten many people messed up - mainly the parents. I never could understand the compulsion that makes parents want a namesake.

New technology has only added to the problem. It may not be too late for a try at a change. If your name is George James Smith, let's try to make it G. James Smith rather than George J. Smith. This is a long shot for the future.

For now, you can keep after the reporting agencies and tell collectors to stop bothering you by sending them a "stop-bothering-me" letter (with a return receipt requested).

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