Who's in my checking account?

DEAR HARRY: For the last three months, a strange thing has been happening in my checking account. On the first Friday of the month, a deposit was recorded that I never made. On the Monday following, it was removed. The amounts were in even dollars: $25,000, $40,000 and $55,000. When I asked my branch manager, she said that it looked like an honest error that was corrected. She suggested that it was probably a result of someone else having an account number one digit off from mine. I'm uneasy about this because it also means that someone is able to take money from my account without my knowledge. What's your take on this, Harry?

WHAT HARRY SAYS: I'm concerned that someone at the bank is "testing the system." Years ago, one of my students told me of a situation in which he was involved as a law-enforcement official. An employee of a large construction-supply firm engineered a similar situation in which he tested the system on a stranger's largely idle account. When it went unchallenged, he tested it with his own account. Finally, over a long weekend, he did it with more than $2 million transferred to his account, retransferred the money to an account in South America, and then left the country. He was caught six months later with little money left. Contact the bank's president and chief financial officer. Don't delay!


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