Should employee squeal on funny business at work?

DEAR HARRY: I am in the middle of a very bad situation. My boyfriend introduced me to a friend of his who runs an insurance business in hopes of having him hire me as a secretary-office clerk. He hired me, and I quit after one week.

This guy was collecting premiums from his clients but never remitting them to any insurance company. He would tell the clients that he was holding their policies for "safekeeping" so they would not get burned in a fire. There were no policies. I discovered this on Thursday and asked about it. He tried to give me all kinds of fake information in an attempt to get me to overlook what I saw. I quit as soon as I cashed my paycheck on Friday. No way I wanted to be involved.

I want to report this somewhere, but my boyfriend doesn't want me to be a squealer. What should I do?

WHAT HARRY SAYS: Grrrr! Every time I hear that word I boil. It certainly appears that this guy is a thief. You may be the only witness to his crime. Without informers, white-collar crime would be rampant.

Without reliable witnesses, few people would be convicted of any crime. I despise the words often used: rat, fink, stool-pigeon, tattletale, blabber, snitch and more. You will be performing a public service. Contact the Insurance Commissioner (anonymously, if you choose) at 215-560-2630. Incidentally, it might be wise to re-examine your relationship with your boyfriend.

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