Why do they whine about inheritances?

DEAR HARRY: I hope you allow me to use your column as a way of expressing my rage at today's generation. Where do its members come off about their inheritance? We never would have asked our parents about how much they are leaving us in their wills. Remember, they raised you, educated you, saw that you had your medical care, often struggled to see that you had a happy childhood . . . all for 18 or more years. They helped most the child who needed it most. How about the cars, college costs, parties, weddings, etc.? And best of all, they gave you love and companionship, the best inheritance of all. Wake up to reality!

WHAT HARRY SAYS: Wow! The answer that I often hear in reply is: "I didn't ask to be born. You undertook all of these responsibilities with no input from me. Isn't one of those responsibilities to give me a little boost at the end?" Essentially, I'm on your side. However, many parents do as much as they can to leave some of their wealth behind (of whatever sort and amount). What gets to me most is the ungrateful child who would deprive an ancient parent in order "to preserve my inheritance." I have seen this in many cases, even where the child is better-off financially than the parent. I hope all parents remember that their wealth is for their well-being till they die.


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