Despite divorce decree, she got none of her retired husband's pension

DEAR HARRY: I was divorced in 1995. It hit me for about $10,000 in lawyer's fees and other expenses. In my final decree, the judge awarded me part of my husband's pension. My husband retired in 2011, but I got none of his pension. I went to court (on my own) to get this straightened out. I soon found that I was out of my league, and I retained a lawyer for $1,200. He later charged me an additional $800 for correspondence. Really? Yes, really!

To date, this problem is not resolved. I have sent countless emails, faxes, voice mails both to his employer and to the pension-plan custodian. I have received no response. He's been getting his full pension for more than two years, and I have gotten goose eggs. There has to be something that I can do to get my court orders obeyed and get what I'm entitled to.

WHAT HARRY SAYS: In the vast majority of divorces, men are better off financially and women are worse off. The story of men who were "cleaned out" is mostly a myth. He could have helped you by intervening with the plan administrator. Instead, he chose to profit by deficiencies in law enforcement.

Contact the Employee Benefits Security Administration at 215-861-5300. They have helped others in similar situations.

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