Tripped up by trip insurance

DEAR HARRY: Last May, I arranged for a trip to central Europe. Our travel agent suggested that I buy trip insurance. I was told that it would provide for a refund of my trip cost in case I couldn't go or had some mishap on the trip. About a week after I paid for the tour, I decided against going because too many expenses were not covered. I called my travel agent to see if I could cancel and get a refund. She said no, and suggested that I contact the insurance company. When I called the insurance company for a claim form, a lady said my claim probably would be denied. She was right; the claim was denied. What good is insurance if legitimate claims are denied?

WHAT HARRY SAYS: Unfortunately, too many people are unaware of exactly what is covered. Auto insurance is a possible exception. It has been my experience that the companies writing trip insurance usually include a letter explaining in an informal way just what is covered. The policy you bought would provide coverage in case of a medical emergency, a natural disaster or a federal "no-visitation" order. Perhaps your credit card offers some kind of protection.


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