Friday, November 27, 2015

Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson is the Daily News film critic.

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MARIJUANA BROWNIES put the "high" in "High School," a wantonly irresponsible comedy about a stunt that turns an entire campus into stoners. When an authoritarian principal (Michael Chiklis) mandates mandatory drug-testing a few days before school ends, panicked valedictorian Henry (Matt Bush) enlists class burnout Travis (Sean Marqutte) in a scheme to feed fortified brownies to the entire school, thus rendering the test results immaterial.
THE TIME TRAVEL romp "Men In Black 3" returns us to a previous century, all the way back to that bygone era when Will Smith had yet to make a sequel. The year was 1997, Smith was coming off the cheese ball hit "Independence Day" and about to make what seemed like just another alien invasion movie, adapted from Lowell Cunningham’s Men in Black comic books/graphic novels.

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