Gail Shister

Like mother, like daughter

Phyllis Beck and Alice Beck Dubow may have started a judicial dynasty.

Commanding female presence

The first woman to make fire chief in Phila. is not a firefighter.

Uphill climb for Taubenberger

Odds are against the GOP candidate for mayor, but that won’t stop him.

About rights, not role models

Possible precedent: Gay ex-cons get equal parole contact.

Words of 'war'

Ken Burns' latest documentary lets those who lived World War II tell what it was like - while they're with us.

A blazing 'Grace'

Cable's newest cop heroine lives large and hot, a character Holly Hunter warmed to right away.

A few good 'Wives'

With Kim Delaney, Catherine Bell and Sally Pressman, this soap drama is surging to a Lifetime series record.

Tell all, networks: What price celebrity news?

C'mon, 'fess up: The networks regularly pay for hot celeb sit-downs, and it's hypocrisy to say otherwise.
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