Sunday, February 14, 2016

Gail Shister

Gail Shister joined The Inquirer in 1979 as its first female sportswriter, a barrier she also broke at The New Orleans States-Item (1975-78) and Buffalo Evening News (1974). She was the Inquirer's television columnist for 25 years.

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Mar 31 - 2:27 AM
Both Clinton and Obama are fervently courting them. And both presidential candidates support their key issues. It's a great year to be a gay Democrat.
Pa. Primary '08: Polls, blog and your comments
Mar 28 - 2:35 AM
It's the beginning of the end for The Sopranos, and Edie Falco is hurting. Falco, who plays Carmela Soprano on the landmark HBO mob drama, made like the Mississippi at the recent cast reading of Sopranos' swan-song script.
Video: Chase's role looms large as 'Sopranos' nears end

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