Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wilson, Frank

Developing borders helped form the American experience.
You would think that someone who had, among other things, painstakingly mapped the borders of Pennsylvania, meticulously laid out the street plan for the city of Washington, and traced the first national border of the United States would be a well-known and highly regarded figure.
Video: Book Talk with Frank Wilson | Andro Linklater Interview
Martin Amis is admirably concerned that the colossal atrocities inflicted upon Russia by the Soviet regime not be forgotten. Koba the Dread (2002), his meditation on the evil works and pomps of Stalin, while replete with a detailed litany of the horrors the paranoid Georgian set in motion, also established that "Uncle Joe" was simply continuing - on a far grander scale, of course - homicidal policies already well-established by Lenin and Trotsky.

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