Penn students are hottest in Ivy League, according to Tinder

Not only do Penn students have a better chance of becoming billionaires, but they're they best-looking college-goers among the Ivy Leagues as well. 

That's according to a new survey by Tinder of eight Ivy League colleges around the country. Tinder pulled data on students who have one of the eight Ivy League schools listed on their profiles, then ranked those schools based on how high a percentage of "yes" swipes they got in September (versus "no" swipes).

Penn was the winner, followed by Brown and Columbia. Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, which ranked the highest out of all universities on US News' annual college list, brought up the rear.

Tinder also showed data schools that got the most matches in September overall (Columbia) and "Super Likes" (Harvard).

So you're hot -- and possibly going to be filthy rich -- if you graduate from Penn?Apparently, Penn's a double winner for looks and your pocketbook.

As we wrote last summerForbes magazine also looked at the nation's top colleges based on the number of billionaires minted by each, and found Penn's Quakers number the most among the Forbes 400.

The full list of Forbes 400 members for 2015 places Penn at No. 1 with 21 billionaire alumni, followed by Harvard University and Yale University (tied with 14 each), Stanford University (13 billionaires), and the University of Southern California (11).

Ivy League neighbor Princeton University ranked seventh, with seven billionaires. Penn's 21 among the 406 names on the Forbes 400 represents about 5 percent of the list. (More than 400 people appeared on the Forbes 400 because of fortunes shared among multiple people.)

The cost of attendance for Penn's 2016-17 academic year totals $69,340 for an undergraduate, according to its website.

That includes the all-in bill for tuition, housing on or off campus (not with parents, that is), and other fees. Not a bad return on investment.