Crowdfunding and You

A sampling of crowdfunded IPOs and the portals those companies are using to raise money. In order by target funding amount.

                                 Target funding

Issuer                                 amount          Funding portal

Allen Hydro Energy Corp.            $50,000         UFP L.L.C.

Treycent Inc.                        $60,000         Jumpstart Micro Inc.

SharkStopper, Inc.                     $70,000         Flashfunders Securities L.L.C.

Cleveland Whiskey                  $100,000         Wefunder Portal L.L.C.

Stratifund Inc.                        $200,000         SI Portal L.L.C.

Brewer's Table, East Austin            $250,000         NextSeed US L.L.C.

Bomboard                           $250,000 Brokerage Services

G-Ride*                              $278,066         Trucrowd Inc.

Pipeline Sports Network               $300,000         StartEngine Capital L.L.C.

*Registered benefit corporation/benefit L.L.C. SOURCE: Drinker Biddle