Comcast X1 users can now vote on 'The Voice' with their remotes

X1 voting for “The Voice”-20112017-0001
Partial view of how screen may look for Comcast X1 users who use their remotes to vote for contestants on NBC's "The Voice"

Voting for contestants on NBC’s The Voice will be easier for some Comcast customers beginning Monday night.

With the season’s live show beginning at 8 p.m. Monday, the Philadelphia cable giant, which owns NBC Universal, has added a feature for its Xfinity X1 customers — the ability to vote directly from their TVs.

Here’s how it will work, according to Comcast:

“Using their X1 voice remote, fans watching The Voice on X1 can access their on-screen ballot by saying, ‘Vote for The Voice,’ or by pressing the info button on the remote.  A panel on the right side of the TV screen will appear that categorizes the artists by team, enabling users to quickly and easily browse and vote for their favorite performers.  Viewers can cast one vote per artist on the X1 platform during the live broadcast and up until one hour after its conclusion.”

Only Comcast customers with X1 will have this capability.