Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Elizabeth Wellington

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Elizabeth Wellington has been The Inquirer's fashion writer since December 2002. She believes that great fashion is for all people, not just the rich and wealthy. She has an eye for the new, the unusual and that which suits us all.

As people continue to focus on wellness - with green shopping habits, yoga practice, mindful meditation, cardio classes - they are increasingly expressing their sense of style through workout clothes.
Gallery: Warm and Stylish Workout
Resolve to be healthy in 2013
Items in C. Wonder stores, owned by venture capitalist, Main Line native, and Tory Burch ex, resemble the Tory Burch collection and other high-end brands - but for less.
The Battle of the Burches is over: Tory, Chris reach agreement
The 12 whoa! fashion moments of 2012
Tory Burch files counterclaims against ex

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