Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Elizabeth Wellington

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Elizabeth Wellington has been The Inquirer's fashion writer since December 2002. She believes that great fashion is for all people, not just the rich and wealthy. She has an eye for the new, the unusual and that which suits us all.

The slim-cut, ankle-length trousers and matching midriff-baring tops, the dropped-crotch jogging pants with tuxedo stripes, and the nipped-at-the-waist floral frocks suggest that American designers are done borrowing sepia-toned inspiration from decades past and instead are sending invites to a garden party of the future.
Nubian Skin creates a 'nude' for all skin-tones
NEW YORK - In addition to making pretty jumpsuits and maxi-dresses in her signature graphic prints, Dom Streater spent the last year working her tail off to build her fledgling brand.
From North Philly to catwalks of N.Y. Fashion Week

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