Philadelphia loves Wendy Williams.

We love the way Williams, a former radio personality on Philly's Power 99, spills all of the tea on our fave celebrities during Hot Topics, a famous segment of her eponymous TV talk show.

We love her big, and seemingly never-ending, collection of wi—, er, hairstyles.

We love her take-no-shorts braggadocious flair.

And we love her look. It's not just that the 52-year-old mom can really dress. But Williams is so true to her personal style that each printed wrap dress and fitted skinny pant works for her. Wendy is our fashion-forward homegirl next door.

So we are excited about the debut of her summer 2017 women's wear collection on HSN. Last week, the network released a sassy selection of Wendy Williams jumpsuits, joggers, and cold-shoulder T-shirts. And they are reasonably priced, too: an off-the-shoulder top will run you $39.90. A pair of wide-legged trousers cost $59.90. A sleeveless V-neck jumpsuit is $69.90.

This robe can be worn by itself with slides, or with boyfriend jeans.
This robe can be worn by itself with slides, or with boyfriend jeans.

Williams also launched her own app, Wendy Digital, where fans can purchase her clothing. It's available on iTunes and independent of HSN.

screen grab of Wendy Digital app available at the iTunes store
Wendy Williams
screen grab of Wendy Digital app available at the iTunes store

Folks who want to buy what Wendy is wearing on the show can know the labels Williams wears through the app, too. Surprisingly, she dons a diverse caliber of brands, including Karl Lagerfeld, Diane von Furstenberg, Long Tall Sally, and a few pieces from her HSN line — such as a hot-pink, knee-length wrap dress.

Recently, the statuesque diva — she's just under 6 feet — pulled over on a busy Brooklyn street to chat on her phone with me about what inspires her, her summer must-haves, and taking her 16-year-old son, Kevin, on college trips to Philly.

What is your inspiration for this collection?
Loungey, loungey, loungey. I'm the queen of knowing exactly how to relax and what the apparel needs to be for relaxation. So for me, the collection is about blousey pieces like kimonos and caftans — great slides, too. Boyfriend jeans. Skinny jeans. Some of the things I have are easy to tuck and roll, so they are convenient for packing. My pieces are interchangeable when it comes to color palette.

What does your line offer that other celebrity brands don't?
I don't know what other people do, but I work very, very hard on my own collection. My stamp of approval is on everything. For example, on the shoes, I want to make sure that the heel is sturdy and not too high. I actually wear my own stuff, not all the time, not every day. But I'm proud that I represent my collection. [When my team] comes back and gives me samples, I give them my touch — the Wendy touch.

What's the biggest fashion trend of the summer?
This whole boudoir thing. Girls walking around the street in a negligee or the furry slippers or the kimono. … My husband loves it. When it's Saturday and we are going on a date, I'll throw on a spaghetti-strap negligee. But it's about wearing one piece at a time.

What is your favorite fashion do?
The top knot with the messy bang.

Are fashion apps the wave of the future?
The train has left the station as far as women shopping from the comfort of their homes. I rarely go to actual stores. My wardrobe stylist does. But I don't go to stores.

Tell me about your app.
Wendy Digital is my real-life content: me giggling with friends, playing with the dog in the backyard. The other side is the talk show. And I also have Wenmojis (available at the App Store for $1.99).

Any plans to come to Philly soon?
Well, my son is looking at a few schools. We are planning on going to Boston first. Then to Philly. Sometime in July. It's too early to say where, though. But there are definitely some schools on the list.