Eyeliner has always been an easygoing makeup staple that comes in black, brown, blue — or, if you're feeling jiggy, forest green — and that you don't have to think too much about, right?

The trendlet

Until this fall, that is. Instead of the simple under- or over-the-eye line or cat-eye stroke, beauty creatives are drawing straight, squiggly, or thick lines in the center of the lid, creating a floating crease look.

Kristen Sokac models turquoise floating crease eyeliner accented with highlighted lid.
Jessica Griffin
Kristen Sokac models turquoise floating crease eyeliner accented with highlighted lid.

Where does it come from?

The makeup look comes directly from 1960s divas. Think Twiggy. Think Liza Minnelli. Think Diana Ross in her early days as a Supreme.

Fast-forward 40-plus years and makeup artists, inspired by the modern minimalist looks in our closets and on the runways, started adding the gravity-defying lines in the center of our lids. But this time, they're not just a simple squiggle. Some are smudgy. Some are thick. Some are thin as thread. Some are layered like a rainbow.

Now that's art.

Can I do it?

As long as you have a drugstore eyeliner — or lip liner — at your disposal, you can. It's important, however, to keep the reason you are getting dressed in mind. Evening wear may call for a smudgy floating crease that creates a smoky eye look, while daytime looks allow for experimentation with thinner lines. And though it's fun to use red lip liners as eye makeup, it's important that you don't wind up looking like a crying Ronald McDonald.

That would not be a good look.

Would Elizabeth try it?

I haven't yet. but that doesn't mean I'm averse to it.

Makeup is courtesy of Dream Spa & Waxing  (inside Le Reve Salon & Barbershop), 2110 Marlton Pike E. Suites 7 & 8, Cherry Hill, 856-888-2436. Makeup artist is Rebecca Gawlick.