How 1980s are you?: A back-to-school quiz

Gone are the days when moms take their children shopping for new clothes in the weeks leading up to the start of school.

According to the NPD Group’s Marshal Cohen, the reality is the majority of the fall wardrobe comes together after classes start.

Today’s younger generations view fashion through a different lens from those who preceded them, Cohen said. Not to mention social media has changed the way style trends are communicated and inspired.

“As a result,” Cohen writes in his annual back-to-school blog, “fashion has gotten much more eclectic, a wide range of styles has taken the place of the must-have look.”

That wide range of styles has one theme in common, however: the 1980s. Teens and tweens are shopping their closets (and their parents’ closets) for scrunchies, Converse, and denim jackets.

Take this quiz to see how the 1980s could be inspiring your sense of back-to-school style.


Our model is Isabelle Gordon.