The first lady's first official portrait is stunning

First lady Melania Trump attends the Women's Empowerment Panel on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 in an optic white tailored coat dress

The glow. The perfectly contoured cheekbones. The faux trellis background. The disco-like artificial lighting.

We’ve seen this look before.

First lady Melania Trump’s official White House photo — released Monday morning — is reminiscent of those taken at Barbizon Modeling School back in the 1980s.

Camera icon  The White House
First official portrait of firstlLady Melania Trump, taken in the White House 

According to the press release, the official photograph was “taken in her new residence, The White House” which is ironic, because it’s been widely reported that the first lady doesn’t live there. At least not yet.

Yet despite the stiff left hand crossed over right pose,  the Lady Trump is perfect. So what if she looks photoshopped? She's flawless. And she's smizing. 

We see her  from the waist up in quite the angular sharp blazer. She's established by now that blazers are her signature look.  Softly tied around her neck is a sparkling black scarf.

“I am honored to serve in the role of first lady, and look forward to working on behalf of the American people over the coming years,” Trump said in a statement. 

Similar to her predecessor in first ladydom, Michelle Obama, Trump decided to take her first official pic in #allblack. But instead of displaying enviable arms as Obama did in her first official portrait in 2009 causing quite the stir, Trump's coveted item du jour is a near blinding diamond ring, a gift from the president.

As of Monday afternoon, the new photo was on the official White House website with a short bio of the first lady, born Melania Knavs.  Snippets of her fashion history are covered:  She was a cover model for Vogue,  Harper's Bazaar, and InStyle. In 2010 Trump launched an eponymous jewelry line on QVC. She’s only the second first lady born outside of the United States. The first was Louisa Adams, wife of John Quincy Adams.