First Lady-in-waiting Melania Trump looked stunning in Ralph Lauren jumpsuit

Say what you want to say about Tuesday night's shocking presidential election, but first lady-elect Melania Trump's white, off-the-shoulder pantsuit was gorgeous. Well played, Mrs. Trump. 

The ivory silk-crepe one-piece was courtesy of American heritage designer Ralph Lauren. Clearly, Lauren has no party loyalty; he was the man behind Hillary Clinton's array of red, white, and blue debate pantsuits, as well as the black Lauren outfit Trump wore at the third presidential debate last month. This jumpsuit -- something tells me we will see a surge in the style -- retails for $3,990. 

Melania Trump took the stage during the wee hours of the morning.  The rest of the world was bleary-eyed and exhausted, but she glowed. She looked great, much like she has during this entire campaign. Throughout this election cycle, Clinton used white as a way to pay homage to the suffragettes, and to show hope, much like she did at the Democratic National Convention. Trump wore white to project an image that was pristine, put t0gether, classic and indisputably elite.  

Something tells me cocktail attire at political events will be the Trump White House's new normal.