Wear your good intentions to the gym

These days, spreading good workout vibes is about more than giving high fives at the gym.

The trendlet

One-word mantras - "Breathe" and "Peace" - along with sweet-spirited messages (Think: "Love is the answer" and "Good vibes only") are front and center on tanks and midriff Ts in this new year, new-you season.

Where does it come from?

Our workout clothing has been in the midst of reform for some time, but the unwritten uniform for the last five years has been a tank with built-in bra from Lululemon or Under Armour, paired with tights. And, depending on your workout, snazzy sneakers for spinning or running, or simply a pair of UGGS if you're on your way to yoga.

Within the last two years, a few things happened. More workout studios - whether core-building barre or Pilates, or cardio-training spin - have incorporated mini-boutiques.

Entrepreneurs, from the creators of Spiritual Gangster to Alo, who once sold their graphic print Ts solely through Instagram and Facebook, are being welcomed into brick-and-mortar spaces. And at the same time, spiritual messaging is being phased into not just our workout clothes, but onto the long-sleeve Ts we pair with skinnies and blazers on mall jaunts or when out to brunch. In other words, breathing deeply is not something we need do only at yoga.

Who is wearing them?

Beyoncé, Lea Michelle, Brittany Spears, hip-hop yogi Russell Simmons - and your everyday yoga teacher, neighborhood barista, and bartender.

Would Elizabeth wear them?

I'm building quite the collection. To date, my favorite is, "All I need is yoga and coffee."

Should you wear them?

Only if you are truly trying to live a more peaceful life. Wearing a love tank while flying into a road-rage moment is just, well, a bit hypocritical.



Model: Susan Pinto.

All tops are available at Rebel, 8020 Germantown Ave., 215-242-9642, www.rebelyogastudio.com.