Layer on the mascara for some Halloween fun, and beyond

Bewitchingly long and thick lashes might be just the thing to complete a Halloween look.

Every great Halloween costume - witch or vampiress, cheerleader or Raggedy Ann doll - gets a little more awesome with spidery lashes.

The trendlet

And thanks to the return of glamorous makeup, coating on the mascara will be fashionably acceptable through the glitzy holiday season.

Where does it come from?

In biblical times, Egyptian men used a combination of kohl and ointment to accentuate their lashes. But in subsequent centuries, the preferred look of women's lashes was barely there.

It wasn't until 1916, when Hollywood film director D.W. Griffith introduced the concept of false eyelashes, that women began paying attention to them again. By the 1930s, actresses like Joan Crawford were batting up a clumpy storm. The heavier lash was a thing again in the late 1960s and '70s - think Farrah Fawcett. And who can forget Diana Ross' to-die-for lashes in the film Mahogany?

About 10 years ago, we turned to strips and individual lash extensions to enhance our eyes, and in the process, both became among the most coveted (and expensive) beauty services. These days, as foundations become more matte and somewhat paler, the natural lash is enjoying a comeback. Thanks to an onslaught of drugstore voluminous-lash products, the look can be ours fairly cheaply.

Who is wearing it?

Kim Kardashian, of course. Kerry Washington. Beyoncé. Your typical stage performer, runway model, goth glamour girl, wicked witch, and fairy princess. And then there is she who has opted for minimal makeup but still craves something noticeably extra.

Would Elizabeth wear it?

I tend to halt my

mascara application at three coats. But I will add a fourth if I'm feeling daring.

Should you wear it?

Clusters of thick lashes can be fun. It should be noted, however, that although it's liberating to ignore Mom's no-more-than-two-coats rule, tread lightly: One coat too many and you risk a look that's, well, scary.


Model: Devon Didomenico
Lashes courtesy of Robby Nelson of Giovanni & Pileggi, 308 S. 12th St, 215-568-3040. Instagram: @Robbysworld.