Bronzed and bold, Baroque-style baubles are everything

Rose gold open-bangle bracelet with diamond design, Casato, available at Bernie Robbins Jewelers in Villanova.

Jewelers are placing emeralds, rubies, and sapphires in bold settings.

The trendlet

In other words, they are fashioning our drop earrings, cuff bracelets, and statement necklaces in the style of the baroque period. That means mixing metals (think rose gold and sterling silver) and piling on the precious stones - a little sapphire here, a few pearls there - in a big, big way.

Where did it come from?

The baroque period spanned about 135 years, from 1590 to 1725. It was Europe's most opulent period, and artists, architects, and dressmakers were all about the extras - vivid paintings, ornate buildings, and flouncy fashions were considered a hallmark of the era. Baubles were equally ostentatious.

But all that was bold wouldn't remain so. After the baroque and rococo (or "late baroque") eras came the neoclassical period, and a backlash against all things garish. Fashion and its accessories became much simpler.

Baroque and neoclassical styles went in and out of fashion up to and during the 20th century. Art deco looks of the 1930s and 1970s mimicked elements of the baroque period, and less-extravagant neoclassical looks defined the Great Depression-era styles of the 1940s, the mod '60s, and the minimal '90s.

The recent resurgence of bold, baroque style is courtesy of the red carpet. However, instead of complementing extravagant styles, pieces from jewelers such as Lorraine Schwartz and Stephen Dweck are breathing life into minimalist and nude palettes.

Who is wearing it?

Naomi Watts wore a Bulgari necklace and Cate Blanchett opted for Tiffany & Co. drop earrings on the 2016 Oscars red carpet. That same night, Jennifer Lawrence's Chopard choker was as bold as they come.

Would Elizabeth wear it?

No. I prefer my jewels to be dainty. Big baubles get in my way.

Should you wear it?

Only for special occasion and then only if it's in the evening. And even then, please wear just one piece at a time. I promise you, the earrings, the necklace, and the matching cuff will be too much.



Snake-motif cocktail ring with opal and diamonds, Bernie Robbins; white gold drop earrings with opals and diamonds, Sutra Jewels; white gold bracelet with opals, sapphires, and diamonds, Sutra Jewels; sterling silver with black rhodium finish bracelet, Armenta; rose gold open-bangle bracelet with diamond design, Casato; gold collar necklace with pearl and diamonds, Mizuki; white gold feather-and-diamond climber earrings, Casato; white gold hourglass bracelet with diamond pattern, Casato. Prices of jewelry available upon request at Bernie Robbins Jewelers, 775 E. Lancaster Ave., Villanova, 610-971-2446,