Friday, May 22, 2015

Elizabeth Wellington

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Elizabeth Wellington has been The Inquirer's fashion writer since December 2002. She believes that great fashion is for all people, not just the rich and wealthy. She has an eye for the new, the unusual and that which suits us all.

In a cool marriage of art, fashion, and retail, Moore College of Art and Design held its annual student fashion show Saturday night at the Barnes Foundation with Century 21 as its lead sponsor.
Moore designers display fashions at the Barnes
The natural coil of black women's hair has assumed many shapes over the years - whether dictated by social or political statements or by fashion trends.
Trendlet: Abrasive, but effective HydraFacial
Trendlet: Lockets, keeping with the keepsake trend
Trendlet: Cinched carryalls mean back to basics

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