Saturday, November 28, 2015

Elizabeth Wellington

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Elizabeth Wellington has been The Inquirer's fashion writer since December 2002. She believes that great fashion is for all people, not just the rich and wealthy. She has an eye for the new, the unusual and that which suits us all.

Nov 25 - 4:31 PM
At Primark - the Dublin fast-fashion behemoth that opened its second U.S. store in the Plaza at King of Prussia mall yesterday - there is no shortage of stuff I'd buy and proudly wear.
The Taylor Swift clothing brand has arrived
Nov 20 - 8:51 AM
One decade, this accessory is déclassé, the epitome of corny. Next decade, it's a precious must-have. Really? The trendlet In a nutshell, that's the story of the fanny pack. For some hipsters and high-fashionistas, it's the go-to for holding keys, lipsticks, and oversize smartphones for quick, selfie retrieval. But runners - especially today's Philadelphia Marathoners - rely on the waist pouch to hold tissues, iPods, and energy gels.
Trendlet: Studs go from biker chic to girly-girl
Trendlet: Bomber jackets
Trendlet: Wide-brimmed fedoras

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