Friday, April 18, 2014
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Edward J. Sozanski

Edward J. Sozanski, a graduate of the University of Rhode Island and Columbia University, has been an art critic for 30 years, first at the Providence Journal-Bulletin and since 1982 at the Inquirer. He has also has written on cultural topics for The Economist newspaper of London.

Besides contemporary art, his particular interests are photography, American art of the 19th Century and crafted art of all periods and cultures. Before becoming a critic, he taught college-level writing and worked as a graphic designer.

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Metal furniture is an acquired taste. Unlike wood, metal can seem cold, austere and industrial, the antithesis of domestic coziness.
Home is where the art is
Legally blind Philly sculptor continues to make art
This art demands your participation
As with many so-called "self-taught" artists, the paintings of Jessie Drew-Bear (1879-1962) come wrapped in a compelling life story that reveals her to have been an exceptional woman who, if she were better known, would be a feminist saint.
Delaware museum to sell paintings
Museum and gallery events
'Bleed' remains a convoluted movement

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