Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Edith Newhall

Edith Newhall has been reviewing gallery exhibitions for The Inquirer since April 2005. She is a former staff writer for New York Magazine, where she covered the New York art world in features, exhibition reviews and interviews with artists. Her articles on the arts and travel have also been published in ARTnews, the Washington Post, Travel & Leisure and Condé-Nast Traveler. She is the co-author of "In Artists' Homes" (Clarkson Potter, 1992).
In her first solo show at Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Bendler Browning has merged these two familiar ways of experiencing Philadelphia's urban spaces into paintings that are denser, lusher, and more kaleidoscopic than ever.
Magic realism has never gone out of fashion in literature, but it hasn't had much of a presence in art since the late 1950s, when informed art-world tastes turned to bolder, bigger, less-allusive art. Over the last decade, though, the psychologically comp