Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ed Rendell

Ed Rendell is a former two-term governor of Pennsylvania, and mayor and district attorney of Philadelphia. He also is an avid sports fan. "Sports is so much a part of what makes Philadelphia a special place," he says. He brings the fans' perspective to the Daily News with "View from the Stands." Among his goals is for his column to be about what the average fan is thinking about, so let him know what is on your mind.

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The opening of the football season is less than a week away and in the hearts of Eagles fans, optimism abounds and hope springs eternal.
In an election, you can never predict the result based on the early returns. You have no way of knowing where the votes have come from, so early returns are not a reliable indicator of who the ultimate winners will be. In my first race for governor in 1986, at 9 p.m., Channel 6 reported that I was leading Bob Casey Sr. by 10 percentage points. My York County coordinator, a great young woman by the name of Vicki DeLeo, was so excited that she and a few friends piled in her car and drove down to Philadelphia to join our “victory” celebration.

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