Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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Ed Rendell

Ed Rendell is a former two-term governor of Pennsylvania, and mayor and district attorney of Philadelphia. He also is an avid sports fan. "Sports is so much a part of what makes Philadelphia a special place," he says. He brings the fans' perspective to the Daily News with "View from the Stands." Among his goals is for his column to be about what the average fan is thinking about, so let him know what is on your mind.

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Ed Rendell: Here's a look at today’s major sports scene and offers his suggestions on how to fix things.
Ed Rendell goes through the Eagles' season game by game and weighs in on how he thinks they will do.
Word on the Birds: Issues for the 3-1 Eagles
Jeff McLane: Advice for LeSean McCoy
POLL: Will Lane Johnson’s return fix the Eagles line?

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