Mayweather-McGregor odds and props: Our guy is betting on who will bleed first

Mayweather McGregor Boxing
Floyd Mayweather Jr., left, and Conor McGregor face off during weigh-ins on Friday. The two are scheduled to fight Saturday in Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Passing along some wisdom and some picks for Saturday’s mega-bout from resident oddsmaker Vegas Vic. Though the $90 pay-per-view starts at 7 p.m., don’t expect Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor to step into the ring before 11 o’clock Eastern.

Without further adieu, here are Vic’s picks: 

Bet you thought that fight night would NEVER arrive. Well, it’s FINALLY here, and this is how Double V gonna sprinkle the cash around.

Already started by dropping a $20 bill on Mayweather to be knocked out in the first round at odds of 35-1. Lucky punch maybe. Ya NEVER know. BUSTER DOUGLAS REDUX!

Then, one of my favorite movies, “There Will Be Blood,” which leads to one of my favorite props, which fighter will bleed first? McGregor is -$450 vs. Mayweather at +$300. Gonna drop a few bucks, another $20 (take back $60), on Floyd to bleed first, thinking that Conor will hit him with a stray elbow, or head butt, and that will cause a trickle.

Saved my ABSOLUTE BEST BET for last. And the prop is, will there be a point deducted? The No is -$220 vs. Yes at +$180. And we’re ALL OVER the YES!

Money Man is gonna frustrate The Notorious for as long as the fight goes, and there has to be a moment where McGregor reverts to his MMA roots. Take a $50 out of my pocket, and grab $90 if the ref deducts a point.
If you’re in Vegas, and don’t wanna spend $6,000 to get a nosebleed seat at the T-Mobile Arena, c’mon over to my house where we have an ENTIRE FREAKIN’ WALL to watch the fight. Seriously, a 10’ x 12’ wall! Afterward, we can hit the Strip, which will be an absolute zoo.


Saturday, Aug. 26/At Las Vegas
Pay-per-view: $89.99 (7 p.m.-2 a.m.)
Money Line: Mayweather —$500; McGregor +$400

Winner By Round
Round         Mayweather           McGregor
Round 1            30-1                     40-1
Round 2            25-1                     40-1
Round 3            20-1                     40-1
Round 4            18-1                     40-1
Round 5            15-1                     40-1
Round 6            15-1                     40-1
Round 7            12-1                     40-1
Round 8            12-1                     50-1
Round 9            15-1                     50-1
Round 10          15-1                     60-1
Round 11          18-1                     80-1
Round 12          20-1                     80-1

Winner By Round/Grouped
Rounds         Mayweather           McGregor
Rounds 1-3         8-1                      18-1
Rounds 4-6         5-1                      20-1
Rounds 7-9         4-1                      18-1
Rounds 10-12     6-1                      22-1

Method of Victory
Mayweather by decision                         8-5
Mayweather by KO, TKO or DQ           4-5
McGregor by decision                          40-1
McGregor by KO, TKO or DQ              7-1
Fight will end in a draw                       40-1
Mayweather by unanimous decision      2-1
Mayweather by majority decision        25-1
Mayweather by split decision               30-1
McGregor by unanimous decision      100-1
McGregor by majority decision          100-1
McGregor by split decision                 100-1

Who bleeds first?
Mayweather +$300     McGregor -$450

Total Rounds
Over 9.5 Rounds     3-2
Under 9.5 Rounds   1-2

How Fight Ends
Unanimous decision     5-2
Technical Knockout     3-2
Split decision             18-1
Knockout                     2-1
Disqualification           6-1
Majority decision       20-1
Technical decision      50-1

Over/Under Total Knockdowns
Prop                            Over    Under
1.5 Knockdowns          6-5       1-2
2.5 Knockdowns          3-1       1-5
3.5 Knockdowns          5-1       1-10

Yes/No Questions
Will there be a point deduction?
Yes +$180   No -$220
Will there be a low blow?
Yes 3-2       No 1-2
Will McGregor kick Mayweather?
Yes 6-1       No 1-10

What Happens in First Round
Mayweather gets knocked out           35-1
McGregor gets knocked out              35-1
Mayweather gets knocked down       10-1
McGregor gets knocked down            8-1
Mayweather has a point deducted    50-1
McGregor has a point deducted       10-1
Either fighter gets knocked out        15-1
Either fighter gets knocked down      7-1
Either fighter has a point deducted    8-1

To Win in 60 Seconds
Mayweather to win in 60 seconds      25-1
McGregor to win in 60 seconds          30-1
Either fighter to win in 60 seconds     20-1

To Be Knocked Down

Mayweather 3-1    McGregor 1-2

To Be Knocked Down & Win
Mayweather 5-1     McGregor 12-1