Monday, February 8, 2016

Earni Young

Earni Young has covered the real estate market and related issues such as housing policy, mortage lending and community development for the Daily News since 1989. Her column Earni's Place debuted in Homefront, the Daily News' first real estate section, that year and appeared weekly until the section's demise in 1998. She continued to cover housing and development issues as a member of the paper's "Rethinking Philadelphia" special projects team and later as a member of the City Hall bureau. Young, a U.S. Navy veteran, previously worked as a consumer columnist for the Philadelphia Bulletin and the Miami Herald. She retired from the Daily News in December 2006, but the paper continues to publish her weekly freelance "Real Estate Notebook" column. Young is single and lives in South Philadelphia.
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DURING THE TIME she headed Mayor Street's Neighborhood Transformation Initiative, Patricia L. Smith was sometimes jokingly referred to as the city's "Blight Czarina." But yesterday, the humble urban policy wonk got to sit down with a future king.