Friday, August 22, 2014
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Dianna Marder

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Dianna Marder joined the Inquirer staff in 1985, covering crime, courts and city hall before moving to the Features section where she writes about the many facets of food.

In her search for soul mates, Renee Whyte knew what she was looking for. The right ones would have passion, creativity - and a really good set of knives.

She was, after all, forming a food group.

Polenta With Champagne and Preserves
Maureen Petrosky, a sommelier with twin toddlers, agreed to take the cookbook, Food Adventures, for a test-drive. She says she found a lot to like: The chapters start with purees and broths and continue with making the most of that window of opportunity when little ones are grabbing at your food anyway - when they want to feel included in the family meal.
Gallery: Cookbook goes outside the jar

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