Monday, September 22, 2014
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Diane Mastrull

Staff writer Diane Mastrull covers the Philadelphia region's small businesses for The Inquirer.

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Head-consuming smooches. "Whammy Hand" curses. And the no-shame-in-this-90-inch-waistline "Belly Womp." Could they be elements of a successful business strategy?
Marriott Downtown GM: Doing the right thing for housekeepers
He had a hunch there was a market for monocles
Dennis Berry said to his three kids a few years ago: "Which one of you wants this?" By "this," the longtime West Chester resident meant a home-based business that was more like a hobby - one that his children and friends had regularly razzed him about.
Video: Nearsights Monocles
Chilly Philly trying its dairy best

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