Chauvinist pig club says 'no skirts allowed'


DEAR ABBY: My husband and I live in a 55-plus retirement community. One resident decided to form two men's clubs: one for breakfast, the other twice a month at night. The members go to each other's homes for the evening meetings.

Abby, the man who started these clubs is chauvinistic. He made a rule: "no skirts allowed." So, even though the wife prepares everything for her husband's meeting, she's told to slip out of the house before anyone arrives.

My husband agrees that this is ridiculous and is considering quitting the club, but he has formed friendships with some of the men. The obvious solution would be to meet at a coffee shop, but the man in charge says the homes provide a more intimate setting. Any suggestions?

- Good Little Vegas Wife

DEAR GOOD LITTLE WIFE: It appears the founder of the clubs has his head stuck firmly in the 1950s. And while we can't change that, I do have suggestions.

The first is that the wives stop preparing anything and let the "bachelors" do it themselves or order takeout. The second is that the "widows" join together for an evening of fun while the men are having their meetings.

P.S. Because your husband feels bad about how the women are being treated, perhaps he should consider attending only the breakfast get-togethers and seeing those men in the evening group he has bonded with independently.


DEAR ABBY: My girlfriend loses her keys, wallet, credit cards or iPad every day. She has now become resentful that I have become impatient about it. I'm frustrated because this is something that can easily be fixed, and I'm tired of searching for 20 minutes for whatever she has misplaced. What can I do?

- Beyond Frustrated in L.A.

DEAR BEYOND FRUSTRATED: Frankly, there isn't anything you can do about it. If there is a solution to your girlfriend's problem, it's that she should slow down and think about exactly what she's doing when she's doing it, which is sometimes easier said than done.