Dear Abby: Cemetery wreath thief does grave disservice to family

DEAR ABBY: My sister and I take turns (a few days at a time) caring for our 91-year-old mother. I went to her place for July Fourth, and before returning home, I took flowers to the family cemetery, which is close to Mom's house. It's something I do every year.

I took wreaths I had made for each of my grandparents, an uncle, my precious son (who died at 5) and my dear sister who was recently laid to rest. Each wreath was unique - I had carefully chosen favorite flowers. Even though the wreaths were artificial, they were pretty, and I felt proud to display them on the graves of my loved ones. The following evening, my other sister called after she had gone to the cemetery and said my flowers were gone - someone took them! I have heard about people stealing displays to put on other graves or sell. But I have come up with a solution: Next time I take a wreath to the cemetery, I'll put on rubber gloves and add poison ivy to the greenery.

- Itching to Get Even in Cincinnati

DEAR ITCHING: I don't blame you for being angry, and your solution is both clever and diabolical. However, as much as you would like to get even with the wreath thief, please don't do anything rash. An innocent person - like a groundskeeper - might pick up the wreath and suffer the consequences.