Dear Abby: Wife can't stop man's habitual skirt-chasing

DEAR ABBY: I am 20 years younger than my husband. I am also attractive and sexually available to him. We have a great relationship except for one thing. I can't trust him!

I have caught him emailing women he met at work, inviting our neighbor to go with him on a motorcycle ride and heard many stories about him asking women on dates.

But the worst was when I found out he was calling a woman every day and going to her house when I was at work.

When I confronted him, he said that nothing sexual had happened, but he moved out for a month.

Why does he feel he has to have other women? I really believe some men are cheaters no matter what. Oh, yeah - I'm his fourth wife. He cheated on the others, too. How can I make him want only me?

- Cheated On in the Midwest

DEAR CHEATED ON: You can't. It may give you some comfort to know that the behavior you have described has nothing to do with you or your level of desirability. It is COMPULSIVE. You were naive to think if you married a serial cheater that he would be a faithful husband to you. The only person who can "make" him think differently is him, and before that can happen, he will have to realize he needs to change.