Sunday, August 30, 2015

David Patrick Stearns

David Patrick Stearns is a classical music critic and columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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A Mendelssohn Club concert? An edgy new work by the Leah Stein Dance Company? Or a guided meditation? With Turbine, the new site-specific dance/choral work premiering this weekend at the Fairmount Water Works, all three descriptions apply. Fifty-eight choristers and 18 dancers will perform among the trees, near the gazebo and other Water Works sites - while also (when possible) taking the audience with them.
Though not inclined to look back, the Crossing choir and its founder/director, Donald Nally, have roughly 10 years of mutual history, which explains why Sunday's opening of the annual Month of Moderns festival at the Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill was often retrospective, if never tame.

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