David Hiltbrand

Showdown for 'Idol' title

A surprising showdown caps the tantalizing 10th season, which has found a refreshing vibe without Simon Cowell.


Blake Anderson working hard? Hardly working

Blake Anderson's singular looks and spate of videos won him and two pals a sitcom ironically titled "Workaholics."

Warning: Playing a stoner on TV can be hazardous to your health. The placebo you're forced to smoke is intentionally harsh.

Tina Fey: She Can Do It!

Tina Fey's new humor memoir, "Bossypants," is a chance for the hometown superachiever to reflect on her remarkable journey.

Tina Fey saves the world! OK, maybe not today. But if Fey's career continues on this meteoric arc, it's only a matter of time until she adopts a cape and joins the Justice League.

Vieira in, Toscano out


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