Friday, August 22, 2014
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Dave Ramsey

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Dave Ramsey is a personal money management expert, popular national radio personality and the author of four New York Times bestsellers. His life's work is teaching others how to be financially responsible, so they can acquire enough wealth to take care of loved ones, live prosperously into old age, and give generously to others. You can listen and watch his show online at

Dave Ramsey: My buddies and I put a band together, and we've started playing lots of shows and making pretty good money. We all realize the need to start treating the band like a business, so what's the best way to do that?
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Dave Ramsey: My wife and I live in New York, and we’ve had whole life insurance for several years. There’s a seven percent penalty if we cash out the policies now. If we wait a few years, we won’t have to pay into the premiums anymore. Should we cash out the policies anyway?
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