Monday, May 4, 2015

Dana Pennett O'Neil

Dana Pennett O'Neil has been a sports writer with the Philadelphia Daily News for eight years. The beat writer for the Villanova men's basketball team, she also is a backup reporter for the Philadelphia Eagles. During her time at the Daily News, O'Neil has covered various events including the Super Bowl, Final Four and World Series. A New Jersey native, O'Neil is a graduate of Penn State University.
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So: Where's Andy?
THEY BURIED Eddie Griffin yesterday, his life cut short by a deadly cocktail of fame, fortune and alcohol. His life screamed out for help at every turn, from the fight with a teammate at Roman Catholic High School to another fight with another teammate at Seton Hall, all the way up to his most recent dismissal from the NBA. Some people offered help; some looked the other way. Sadly, no one could reach him before his SUV crashed into a freight train and his body lingered in a morgue unidentified for four days.