Good Taste: Sweetgreen

A chiffonade of basil leaves. A shower of Parmigiano-Reggiano. A squeeze of lemon. All of these things are happening, at a chain restaurant.

Seriously, a chain! Sweetgreen, the D.C.-based quick-serve eatery, has recently opened two area locations, with more on the way.

What separates Sweetgreen from the other tossed salad spots is a true dedication to freshness. So the Santorini salad, which comes with roasted shrimp, feta and chickpeas, is flipped with just cut mint and lemon juice, from an actual lemon. (And dressing quantities are custom, a nice touch.) Big eaters visiting the Penn location can have the willpower to walk past Bobby's Burger Palace, because the tangy, creamy Caesar satisfies. As your reward, there's froyo, too.


- Ashley Primis

Sabzi salad (top), $7.25; Caesar Reggiano wrap, $8.75; $7.25; organic frozen yogurt, $2.50-$6, at Sweetgreen, 3925 Walnut St., 215-386-1365 and 68 Coulter Ave., Ardmore, 610-642-9400,