Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Carrie Rickey

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Carrie Rickey was born in L.A. around the time the Jennifer Jones/Laurence Olivier movie Carrie hit screens. Hence her name. Since then she's seen more than 12,000 films without losing her love of movies -- or wordplay. But don't envy her job too much. She has to sit through the likes of Battlefield Earth just so she can warn you not to.

Human cork Ed Helms bobs to the surface of the river of raunch that is Cedar Rapids, a gentle, gross-out comedy that tickles laughs from the misadventures of a small-town innocent at large in a midsize, Midwestern burg.
Video: Cedar Rapids
That rumpled grumpus Paul Giamatti seizes the title role in Barney's Version, summoning irresistibility and irritability to create a character as endearing as he is galling. As he demonstrated in American Splendor and Sideways, Giamatti has a particular gift for finding eloquence in the unspeakable.
Video: Barney's Version

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