Sunday, July 13, 2014
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Carrie Rickey

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Carrie Rickey was born in L.A. around the time the Jennifer Jones/Laurence Olivier movie Carrie hit screens. Hence her name. Since then she's seen more than 12,000 films without losing her love of movies -- or wordplay. But don't envy her job too much. She has to sit through the likes of Battlefield Earth just so she can warn you not to.

Adapted from a 1954 short story ("Adjustment Team") by sci-fi provocateur Philip K. Dick, and starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, The Adjustment Bureau is a lively premise turned into an inert and uninsistent film by screenwriter and rookie director George Nolfi.
In Hall Pass, the Farrelly Brothers offer a movie more shocking than There's Something About Mary. Most gaspworthy is that this raunchy, transgressive comedy about would-be adulterers turns out to be a hot, wet reaffirmation of marriage.

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