Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Carrie Rickey

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Carrie Rickey was born in L.A. around the time the Jennifer Jones/Laurence Olivier movie Carrie hit screens. Hence her name. Since then she's seen more than 12,000 films without losing her love of movies -- or wordplay. But don't envy her job too much. She has to sit through the likes of Battlefield Earth just so she can warn you not to.

Before Conan O'Brien grabbed the brass ring of Tonight Show host and then surrendered said ring to the previous host, Jay Leno, a reporter described the goofus carrottop as "optimistic and fatalistic in maddeningly equal proportions."
Video: Conan O'Brien Can't Stop
The talking autos are undeniably cute. The visual and verbal puns break all land-speed records. Cars 2, the sporty sequel to the 2006 release widely considered the lemon in the Pixar cornucopia, celebrates the little tow truck who could.
Video: Cars 2

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