Friday, October 9, 2015

Carrie Rickey

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Carrie Rickey was born in L.A. around the time the Jennifer Jones/Laurence Olivier movie Carrie hit screens. Hence her name. Since then she's seen more than 12,000 films without losing her love of movies -- or wordplay. But don't envy her job too much. She has to sit through the likes of Battlefield Earth just so she can warn you not to.

Where feature films conform to the three-act structure of drama, movie short subjects are more like short stories. "The Shore," the best among this year's Oscar nominees for live-action shorts, has the surprise twist of an O. Henry tale. Written and directed by Terry George, the Northern Irish filmmaker behind Hotel Rwanda and In the Name of the Father, this
I'm almost always happy to see a movie about a woman. It follows, then, that I should be doubly happy this early in the new year that The Weinstein Co. has given us not one, but two biopics about a pair of the most polarizing figures in 20th-century England. Margaret Thatcher is the subject of Phyllida Lloyd's The Iron Lady; Wallis Simpson of Madonna's W.E.

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