Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Broad Street Billy

I'M BROAD STREET Billy - hooked on Hamels, juiced on J-Roll - and I urge all phellow phans to keep sending phavorite memories and phamily photos, phervent rituals and phunny stuff to me at because Our Time is now!

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"I HAVE A TICKET that my dad left me from the 1950 World Series - Phillies vs. the Stinkin' Yankees," said Mike Weick, 50, who framed the stub and hung it in his Holland, Bucks County, home.
SARAH CARMEL MCCOLLUM of Delaware County, 13 months old, was "born a Phillies fan right before the World Series last year," her mom Karen said, adding that she's expecting the newest McCollum in November.

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