Sunday, December 28, 2014

Broad Street Billy

I'M BROAD STREET Billy - hooked on Hamels, juiced on J-Roll - and I urge all phellow phans to keep sending phavorite memories and phamily photos, phervent rituals and phunny stuff to me at because Our Time is now!

  Email Broad Street at
DOC HALLADAY STARTS us on the "Road to Victo-Roy!" tomorrow, so B-Street Billy hopes you'll keep sending your Fightin's family stories and photos to:
THIS IS our time! So keep sending your Phillies fan stories and photos to: LITTLE ROCCO: Beth Danio sent Billy a photo of Rocco Danio III, 4 months old, to prove that although she and husband Rocco Danio Jr. moved to Winter Springs, Fla., they remain true to their Northeast Philly roots.

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