Broad Street Billy: Broad Street Billy and the Phillies are back

BROAD STREET BILLY says, "Enough already with Spring Spraining news of Lawn Chair Chase, Polly in a Brace, Brad the Sad and Li'l Roy trying to eat a line drive through his neck."

Halladaypril is here at last! Time to start winning a championship for parade-deprived fans like Li'l Rocco!

Before we meet Li'l Rocco, B-Street Billy invites you to send your favorite family Phillies stories and photos, pin-striped pets and Fightin's shrines to:

I'll run your stuff in B-Street Billy columns throughout Diehard Summer 2011 on our way to the Cole nights of fall.

LI'L ROCCO WANTS PARADE!: Son of transplanted Phillies diehards Beth and Big Rocco Danio, of Winter Springs, Fla., Li'l Rocco was only 4 months old last Doctober, when his mom sent B-Street Billy a photo of the happy little tyke rockin' his tiny Phillies tee.

That was before the Fightin's playoff bats froze and the Giants partied on our pitcher's mound.

So, at the ripe old age of 10 months, lifelong-phan Li'l Rocco has never seen the Phillies win a championship. He's never partied with 2 million fellow-diehards on Broad Street.

Northeast Philadelphia natives Beth and Big Rocco, proud of their Phillies family roots that go back to the 1920s, hope that that all changes for their beloved baseball baby, starting today.

Hasn't the poor kid waited long enough?

"Li'l Rocco watches the games and is ready for his second season as a passionate Phillies fan," Beth told B-Street Billy. "Even though we've moved, Philadelphia is, and always will be, in our hearts."

LUIS' ODE TO DOC: Inspired by Roy Halladay's perfect game and postseason no-hitter, Luis Montanez, of Northeast Philadelphia, wrote a rhyming "Doc"umentary. Billy's favorite lines:

"Doc Halladay is so masterful when pitching, which he dearly loves,

"He prepares for every outing like a boxer before he puts on the gloves."


"Doc Halladay pitched a gem at the Bank, and like Charlie said, 'It was pretty neat,'

"There was an eruption and a roaring sound coming from every single seat!"

That roar coming from the belly of the beast sends chills through B-Street Billy because - the beast is us! And we are the luckiest baseball fans on earth!

Send me your Philliesmania!

May the Chooch be with you!