Broad Street Billy: Phils-lovin' fans party hard in Mayfair

11-month-old Travis Hennessy of Mayfair rests up to be ready for this year's World Series.

TRAVIS HENNESSY of Mayfair, 11 months old, snoozes as peacefully as he did in utero during the 2008 World Series celebration at Frankford and Cottman avenues in Northeast Philly. "We dragged his pregnant mom, Nataly, to the World Series celebration because we had to make sure Travis was there to experience it with us," said his Phillies-phanatic grandma, Sue Murphy.

PHILS BLOCK PARTY: "My sister and my mom live on the same cul-de-sac street in Mayfair," Murphy said. "We bring a TV out into the driveway for every Phillies playoff game. My boyfriend, who's a cop, circles the cul-de-sac in his patrol car with lights and sirens going to get things started.

"Everybody brings food - hot dogs, burgers, dips, peanuts. The Italian lady down the street brings a giant thing of pasta. The whole block parties while we watch our Phillies."

Broad Street Billy asked: "Your boyfriend?" Murphy responded: "Hey, I'm only 43 - too young to be a grandmother!"

A PHANATIC'S WIFE: Murphy raised her son, Paul, who is Travis' dad, as a Phillies die-hard but it took a while for his baseball-neutral wife to see the light.

"She knew she had to get with the program or she was going to be lonely during baseball season," Murphy said, laughing. "She's come a long way in the past couple of years."

Sitting on his grandmother's knee, Travis watched the Phils clinch the National League championship. He's ready for his second World Series Parade - and his first one since coming into the world.

THREE-INCH PHILS? Many bars are attracting crowds for the playoffs with hi-def widescreen TVs, but at Monk's Cafe on 16th Street near Spruce - where good conversation trumps television - fans watch the Phils on a 3.5-inch screen, reports Daily News beer scribe Joe Sixpack.

"I'm a strange dude, I guess," owner Tom Peters, a huge Phillies fan, told Broad Street Billy yesterday. "I couldn't get down to the games so I'm standing around the bar, watching the Major League Baseball simulcast of the Dodgers series on my iPhone, when I notice eight people gathered around me.

"The next game, I put the iPhone on the back bar, posted a sign that reads, "Watch the Phillies on our miniscreen TV," and saw people standing there, hooting and hollering and squinting at the game."

Peters plans to continue his tiny-TV broadcasts for the World Series.

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